Destin's Has The Best Local Attractions

Come enjoy Various attractions in Destin on and off land. Destin is mainly known for their recreational fishing since they offer various fishing charters. Another popular activity is parasailing, which is a seasonal activity. Some activities on land include city tours, boat tours and cooking jet ski rentals (Check out the popular "Crab Island"). Destin is seasonal, but here is always something to do if you're visiting in December or July.

Play in the emerald green waters of the Destin Coast

Kid friendly activities include Destin parasailing, snorkeling, water park, and dolphin tours. Destin is a very family orientated destination. Most activities are geared towards families with children. Adult activities include charter fishing, dinner cruise, parasailing trips sailing charters, and Destin Harbor dolphin tours. Destin is a very popular couples destination as well, but it's best to visit when the kids are in school (September through May). In order to take advantage of the attractions, it is best to visit in the Summer because the water is warm and all the businesses are open. Red snapper season is also open, which is a huge draw for fisherman.

Customer Reviews from

Destin Dolphin Cruise
"We saw several dolphins. They followed the boat and even jumped out of water once the captain sped up the boat. It was a trick they said happens half the time if the dolphins are behind the boat. Amazing view and pictures of the dolphins."
Shana Harris - Olive Branch, MS

Sailing Charter
"What an awesome experience! They were friendly and easy to talk to. We took our 3 year old and it was perfect! We got to see tons of dolphins, airplanes and lots of other boats. We will do it again!!!"
Jon Williams - Atlanta, GA

Inshore Fishing Charter
" Having owned and operated a guide service in Tenn. for the past 31 years I am qualified to say the trip with Capt. Jordan was truly a blast. More fish time and less travel time. The boat, gear, Capt and fishing were all A+++++"
Clarence Wilson - Nashville, TN